When dating begins to feel like a (lousy) job, stop dating. Here's why: if you're not enjoying dating or feeling 'dating burnout', you may be on a date with your perfect match and you wouldn't know it. Successful dating relies, more than anything else, on your own attitude and dating approach.
So how do you stop the endless cycle of bad dates, and start moving towards a lasting relationship? Well, there's a simple method, and here it is:
  1. Quality is as quality does: if you're looking to connect with high quality, relationship-minded singles start first with adjusting your dating mindset accordingly. Worry less about what your date can do to entertain you, and more about what you can do to ensure they enjoy themselves.
  2. Don't boil the ocean: no matter how impatient you may be to meet your special someone, like all good things in life it can take time. Going on 5 dates a week will not lead you to anything more than dating burnout. Aim for less dates, with more time between dates so you have the chance to see someone a second or third time before meeting someone else.
  3. Forget the past, don't sweat the future: good advice for dating and for life - the only thing you can control is the here and now. Focus on the date in front of you, be interested and interesting, and the future will sort itself out eventually.
  4. The virtuous cycle of dating: focus on quality, compatible matches, which leads to a successful date, which makes you feel more positive and self-confident, which greatly increases your chances of dating success, which will lead you to a lasting relationship.