There are many things you can prepare for on a date. Chemistry isn't one of them. The problem with chemistry is that its very hard to predict when you'll have it and when you won't. And thinking and/or worrying about it doesn't help. But here's something you probably didn't know about "chemistry": its not just physical. In fact, true chemistry happens at a deeper level than just physical appearance. Here's a quick way to create some on your first date:
  • Make your date feel "special" and "important" - here's the how and why:
  • HOW to make your date feel special: pay attention to your date; smile and provide lots of positive reinforcement; actively listen to them; give them a sincere compliment; be positive and respectful.
  • WHY make your date feel special?: when someone feels respected, valued and 'special', they are more likely to see you through a positive lens. Although this may not change their view of your physical appearance, it may allow them to give you a 'second look' if at first they don't find you attractive. Once you are on a second or third date with someone, your true 'inner qualities' will have a better chance to shine and attract your date partner. And these 'inner qualities' are in fact more important than pure physical attraction in creating long term chemistry that can grow over time.