Sometimes its over before its even begun. Making a good impression matters in life, and ESPECIALLY on a date with someone new. Without that initial spark, how will they ever know that you’re perfect for them (on the inside)? Making the right first impression dramatically increases the chances you’ll make a real connection. Here’s how you can do it, in 3 minutes or less: Step 1. The Spot:  before booking a date, do you best to ensure its a good place to meet someone new – the right balance between a fun and lively place; and a place where you can hear each other (and get a reservation or a place to sit without waiting all night).  If you’re in need of some good Vancouver date spots, call our Executive Search Dating Team at 604-714-0221 and we’ll send you a list. Step 2.  The Greeting:  its easy to overlook the initial greeting. Our advice: don’t. Be prepared, be positive, be energetic, look your best, and smile. Try arriving a few minutes early and getting a table or nice spot at the bar; order some water for both of you and get ready to impress. Step 3. K.I.S.S.:  no, this doesn’t mean what you think – kissing someone you barely know is generally not advisable. It means: ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ – don’t try ground breaking new conversational ground at the start of a date. Ask them how their days been; tell them how nice it is to see them; give them a sincere compliment; tell a light hearted story about your day; or tell them what you like about the restaurant and/or the location.  Above all else: be positive. Complaining about your day, the traffic, your job or the restaurant staff will lead you to only one outcome: an unsuccessful date & continued singledom.