Stop me if you've heard this before: There are no single men in Vancouver. Vancouver women are only interested in money. Vancouverites are unfriendly. The Vancouver dating scene sucks. Just because everybody says it, doesn't make it true. After all, it wasn't that long ago that people said the world was flat - until it wasn't. In dating and in life, you reap what you sow. Here's the truth behind the dating myths, and what it means for you:
  1. Lies, damn lies, and statistics: when given the choice, always choose statistics over rumors.  For example - rumor: there are 5 - 8 single women for every single man in Vancouver; Statistical fact (from Stats Canada): the ratio of single women to single men in Vancouver is virtually equal.
  2. The money issue: We've been matchmaking in Vancouver for over 10 years. Here's where the issue of 'wealth' ranks in a Vancouver woman's list of most important qualities they're looking for in a man: it doesn't. It doesn't make the top 5, rarely makes the top 10, and usually isn't brought up at all. Having said that, having your financial life in order is an important element for women and men, particularly if they have their life together.
  3. Reversing 'The Vicious Cycle Of Vancouver Dating': because many singles in Vancouver believe it's hard to approach new people, people rarely approach one another for fear of being rejected, which makes the situation that much worse. In other words a 'Vicious Cycle'. Forget what you've heard and try this: next time you are out with friends, commit to approaching one new person (or group of people) to say 'hi'. What you'll find in most every case is that Vancouverites actually like being approached in a friendly way. Try it yourself and you'll see.
  4. Who's in charge?: at it's foundation, Vancouver dating myths are based on this false assumption - 'you have no control over the Vancouver dating scene, it's a terrible city for dating and that's that.'  The reality is that YOU have control over your dating life. Be proactive, practice saying hello to strangers (check our 'dating advice' page at for some good ideas on this front), be positive and, if you're too busy or unable to meet someone new on your own, contact a professional matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating and we'll introduce you to some incredible, compatible matches that are right for you!