The best things in life rarely come to you.  You get the best results in life from being proactive.  And dating is no different.  By breaking free from your comfort zone (trying new spots to socialize; hanging out with new AND old friends; etc), you can widen your social circle and increase the chances of making a romantic connection.  As "Proactive Dating Professionals", the matchmakers at Executive Search Dating actively seek out the BEST possible matches for our clients.  We call it intelligent dating for busy singles.  Here are some of the ways that we do it: 
  1. Active database: Executive Search Dating's database includes over 3,000 high quality Vancouver singles.
  2. Business events: our Proactive Matchmakers attend a variety of business events and activities, seeking out the highest quality matches for our clients.
  3. Social functions: our team attend the best social events in the city, as busy singles don't always have the time or energy to attend themselves.
  4. Cupids Strike Force: our intrepid team of Cupids proactively seek out high quality singles throughout Vancouver.  Here's an article which describes one of our Cupids 'in action':