Executive Search Dating is a Dating Headhunter. We are NOT an online dating service. Our clients, in fact, are typically busy singles and professionals who have grown tired of online dating and the bar scene; or who are looking for better quality, "relationship minded" matches. Here are some important ways in which Executive Search Dating differs from online dating:
  1. Careful screening: we meet and carefully screen all matches for you.  Our 5 point screening process, in fact, is the best in the industry.
  2. Personalized matchmaking: our professional matchmakers meet and interview each and every one of our clients and hand select compatible matches for them. This ensures higher quality matches for you.
  3. Proactive matchmaking: we are a Dating Headhunter, which means that you have access to our database of thousands of high quality Vancouver singles, AND headhunts that we proactively find and carefully screen just for you.
  4. Making dating easy (and fun!): once we select your match, we also handle all the date arrangements including reservations at one of our many partner restaurants. You just need to show up on your date and have fun!
  5. Fine tuning: after your dates you provide us with confidential post-date feedback, including a match rating for your date, which we (and you) use to continuously fine tune your matching criteria. Its a fun AND intelligent way to date.