Dating can feel awkward, even strange at times. What do I say, how should I act, how did I get here? But imagine if you were a 'dating expert' and knew exactly how to date successfully and meet not one by many potential relationship partners? Follow these simple rules and watch your single life soar:
  1. Be the person you've been waiting for:  remember your 'dream date', the person who rocked your world. Be that person. Don't just show up, resolve to make the date special - not just for you, but for the other person too. Be engaged, be positive, be high energy - make it a date they'll remember, and it may well end up being a date you won't forget.
  2. Screen for friendship, not looks:  its natural on a first date to focus mostly on how someone looks. Here's the problem with that: in terms of a successful relationship match, looks are less important than personality and other less 'superficial' qualities. Keep your focus on the 'inner qualities' of the person you're with, and focus less on whether there's immediate 'physical chemistry'. If you connect on other levels, you may discover a chemistry that grows over time, which is the most powerful chemistry of all.
  3. Share, care and be self-aware:  to make a true connection, it's important to be truly engaged on a date. Talking about favorite movies and funny travel stories is always a good start, but aim to talk about some topics of deeper, shared meaning - particularly if you're on a 2nd or 3rd date with someone. Be sensitive to their needs, and show you care with thoughtful gestures and words when the time is right.
  4. Its not about you:  by focusing more on the people you are with than your own immediate needs, you'll create a 'virtuous cycle' of dating success - one successful date will lead to another, building your own self esteem while making others feel good about themselves. Being relationship-minded from the start will lead you to a relationship in the end.