Dating can (and should be) fun.  In fact, dating is one of those rare activities where you get better results when you are having fun doing it.   As the ultimate goal of dating is finding a compatible relationship partner, however, the professional matchmakers at Executive Search Dating are often asked: "How can I increase the chances of a date leading me into a happy relationship?"  Here are a few tips on getting "Better Results" from dating: 
  1. Quality vs. Quantity: the first step in successful dating is to ensure you are dating compatible singles. Resist the urge to 'mega-date' with just anyone.
  2. Don't Worry Be Happy: being positive and fun on your dates is a critical attraction factor for the opposite sex and will lead to more second dates.
  3. Avoid 'Date Breakers': resist the urge to talk about past relationships, your desire to start a family soon, or how much you hate your job. Focus on the positive.
  4. Focus Works: put your date focus on your companion, ensuring that they enjoy themselves. Avoid turning your first date into an interview. 

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