Before someone “Falls In Love” with you, make them “fall in like” with you first. Physical chemistry matters on a date (of course), but Matchmakers will tell you this: its NOT the most important predictor of a successful relationship match. What is? Being with someone who makes you feel good. But how can you make that happen? Here’s 5 ways:
  1. All in:  everyone wants to feel special, and being totally present & focused on your date makes your date feel important. Put your phone away,  forget about work & life stress and do everything you can to make this date the time of your (and their) lives.
  2. Be interested & interesting:  before anything else, listen. Active listening is at the core of good people skills – it also gives you custom made conversation starters: ask questions about the things your date is passionate about. And come prepared with your own funny/interesting stories.
  3. Do your best to look your best:  making an effort to look your best helps you in two ways – it makes you look good (which IS important); but it also sends the message to your date that THEY matter to you.  This may not lead directly to Love, but it’ll help them like you – and that’s a great start.
  4. True to your word:  follow up & follow through. Whatever you talk about during your date (going to see a movie or a concert; or going for a hike) – do it. Don’t be that person who promises the world, but never delivers. You wouldn’t want a friend like that, so why would you want a relationship partner like that?
  5. Proactive, positive, energetic:  I get it, life & work stress can bring you down. But beware the dating vicious cycle – you are low energy/unhappy on your date – which leads to a bad date – which makes you feel even worse – which leads to more bad dates. Take care of yourself, take a deep breath and bring a proactive, positive and energetic spirit to each and every date. In this world of ours, life (and Love) comes to those who seize it.