They say a bad first impression may be your last. In fact, in today's hyper-connected world that's even more true. But what if we told you that a good first impression, particularly on a first date, is also more important today than ever? Well it is, and making a good first impression will likely lead you from a first date to a second date before you know it:
  1. First come first served: arriving on time on your date, or even a little bit early, is an essential first step to first date success. Find a nice spot where its not too noisy or quiet, and order some water (save the drinks for when your date arrives)  for the table before your date arrives.
  2. Nature's aphrodisiac: a warm and friendly smile sends the message that you are relaxed and excited all at the same time. This will relax your date and create a 'virtuous cycle' of first date success.
  3. Dress for dating success: you don't need a tuxedo or ball gown (in fact, avoid both on a first date!), but making an effort to look your best is an important part of making a good first impression on your date.
  4. Keep it simple: a simple 'Hello, its so nice to see you!' or 'Hi, you look fantastic!' is a great way to start a first date. Avoid being overly witty or sarcastic, or launching into complex conversational topics at the start... those will go over better later in your first or second date once you know each other better.
  5. Compliment, sincerely: if you like the way your date looks, or a particular clothing item they're wearing (or how they're wearing it), tell them so when you meet. This makes your date feel good, and shows that you're paying attention to them. But don't go overboard, telling them they're incredible before you really know them will come across as insincere and have the opposite effect.