So, you've decided you are ready for a relationship. Now, how to send off the right "signals" to your date partner to let THEM know that you are serious about finding someone (without looking desperate)? Here are some tried and true ways to look and act "relationship ready":
  1. Get in focus: everyone wants to be appreciated and respected, especially when you are on a date. Pay attention to your date, even if you don't feel an incredible initial spark, and you'll inevitably have a more enjoyable date. Who knows, your date may know someone who's perfect for you!
  2. Stay in control: having a glass of wine or a beer on your date is fine, but resist the urge to over-indulge. Getting drunk, or drinking far more than your date, can send a message that you are not a serious relationship candidate.
  3. Leave the past in the past: don't talk about past relationships and why they didn't work out. There is a time and place for serious discussions about past relationships, but a first or second date is not it.
  4. Keep it fun and casual: no matter how ready you may be for a relationship, stressing this too much on a first date may be perceived as coming on too strong by your date partner. Being "relationship ready" doesn't mean you have to talk about it all the time; actions speak louder than words, especially in the world of dating.
  5. Be the dating partner you want to meet: in the world of dating, what goes around comes around. Be positive, attentive and respectful to your date and you'll likely get the same in return.

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