Finding a romantic partner can be challenging at the best of times. But how does one go about finding someone special when you are also facing the pressure and time constraints that come with being a successful professional? The solution involves some simple adjustments to the strategy and execution of your ‘Meeting Someone New’ plan! Broadly speaking, I would separate the best approach to meeting someone new into 3 distinct but complementary steps. First, and arguably most important, is ATTITUDE. Second is POSITIVE NETWORKING. Third is ASKING FOR HIS/HER NUMBER. Here’s a breakdown of each step. ATTITUDE: As a busy executive, professional or entrepreneur it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of projecting your internal stress levels to the outside world. Although this is a perfectly natural reaction to stress in the workplace, it can unfortunately significantly diminish your chances of meeting someone special. Men and women are naturally reluctant to make the first approach even at the best of times, and much less so when the person they are interested in has a scowl on their face. Be aware of your outward appearance and expression at all times, and make every effort to smile and be pleasant with everyone (not just those who interest you romantically!). POSITIVE NETWORKING: Most busy professionals are happy to learn that the networking skills they use on a daily basis in their work life can also be applied to their single life! The initial approach is similar: eye contact, smile, introduction, small talk; you just need to change up your introductory line. Here’s an example: instead of approaching someone interesting and saying “hi, what do you do” (as you might at a business networking event); try a simple “hi, my name is Jane/John, how are you doing this evening…”. Always remember, when using approach lines, simple and sincere is always the way to go! ASKING FOR HIS/HER NUMBER: Just like in business, all of your marketing, business development and rapport building work will be wasted if you can’t ‘close the deal’! In the world of romantic introductions ‘closing the deal’ means getting his or her number once you have established some basic rapport. As is often the case, take a simple approach. Try: “You seem interesting, why don’t we meet up for a coffee sometime, may I have your number or email address?” Remove your fear of rejection and you will almost never be rejected! Regardless of what anyone may tell you, there are plenty of single women and men in every age bracket for you to meet. With some simple improvements to your ‘Meeting Someone New’ plan, your dance card will be filled in no time. Happy Hunting!