Have you ever walked away from a bad date and asked yourself “what just happened?” You were having a good time and already making plans for a second date in your mind, then ‘BANG!’, your date asked for the bill and headed for the door. Well it happens. Here’s the thing about dating, to have success at it your date needs to enjoy it too, not just you. If you’re ready to start having dating success, then stop these 5 chemistry-killing dating habits:
  1. The ‘I’s’ have it:  talking about yourself the entire date may seem like a good idea – or you may not even know you’re doing it if you’re feeling a bit nervous – but it’s a sure-fire way to make your date lose interest in you. Show a genuine interest in your date and you’ll find chemistry will soon follow.
  2.  The greatest chemistry-killer in the history of the world:  a frown sends your date the message that you’re not happy to see them, and that you’re probably not a lot of fun to be around. A smile tells them you’re happy to see them & that you like them. If you were them, which would you find more appealing?
  3. Texting, texting:  in today’s smartphone obsessed world, it can be hard to put your phone away. But texting or checking your messages while you’re on a date sends a clear message that your phone is more important that your date. And that’s a good thing, because you’ll be spending lots of alone time with your phone if you keep texting during your dates.
  4. Don’t you know who I am:  being rude to the wait staff on your date, or anyone else for that matter, sends your date the message that you’re not a nice person. I’m willing to bet you are a nice person, so treat others with respect no matter what their job, and that message will come through loud and clear.
  5. Look the part:  first impressions matter. In life, and particularly in dating. Do your best to look your best, and you’ll most likely get to a second date and beyond. Once you’re dating someone seriously, there’ll be plenty of nights you can dress down. But dress down on your first date and that future may never come.