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matchmaking service for singles & professionals.

How It Works

We Learn About You:

First you schedule a discreet, free consultation with us which is an enjoyable 45 minute one-on-one meeting with one of our professional matchmakers. Here, we learn all about you and what you are looking for in a partner, including what has worked for you in the past.

We Search for Your Perfect Match:

Next, our professional matchmaking team hand select great matches for you! Our highly professional staff matches you based on your physical and personality requirements, activities, interests, life goals and values, and our instincts as professional matchmakers.

You will be matched with our extensive database of Executive Search Dating members AND with headhunts who we proactively find, pre-qualify and carefully screen for you with our team of professional Cupids, Cupid’s Strike ForceTM. Unlike traditional dating services you will never be limited to any existing database of potential matches with Executive Search Dating: every attractive, successful, single professional in Greater Vancouver is a target for ‘Cupid’s Strike Force’ and a potential match for you.

Thorough Screening:

Executive Search Dating carefully screens all of our members and member matches using our thorough, industry leading 5 point screening process, which includes: personal interviews; verified personal details; personal reference checks; consent for criminal and/or background checks; and post date analysis.

We Take Care of all the Date Arrangements:

Once we have selected a match for you, we contact you by phone to tell you about the person that we have selected for you, and why we have selected them for you. You provide us with your availability and meeting preferences (ie. lunch, brunch or drinks after work), and we do the rest including date scheduling and making a reservation at one of our fabulous partner restaurants in Vancouver. We also provide you with a picture of your match (taken by us to ensure accuracy!), so you know what to expect.

You Enjoy Your Date With a Great Match!

Simply check in with the concierge at the selected restaurant, mention your first name and the time of your reservation, and you will be shown to your table. No personal details (ie. last names, contact details, email addresses, etc.) are ever shared, so confidentiality and discretion are assured at all times. All you need to do is relax and enjoy a fun date with a great match!

We Fine Tune Your Matching Criteria:

After each date, you will call us the next day with your feedback so we can continuously fine tune your matching criteria. The Executive Search Dating process is simple, effective and, most importantly, fun!

Measuring Our Success – The Executive Search Dating Match Rating™:

After each date you will give us a match rating score of 1 to 10, both on the match itself and on our customer service level in arranging the date. These match ratings help us continuously improve your matches, and our customer service level to you.

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