As Professional Matchmakers, we at Executive Search Dating are often asked: 'How important are looks in finding someone special?'  The answer is that how someone looks is an important criteria, particularly in initial attraction, but it is not the only or even most important criteria when it comes to long term compatibility.  In fact, matchmakers often say that one must be cautious when meeting someone with whom you have extremely strong physical chemistry, as this may blind you to the fact that you may not have anything else in common.  And physical chemistry, no matter how strong it is initially, can fade over time if there is nothing else to connect you. An ideal match is someone with whom you have some initial 'chemistry' (even a little is ok), but also some other important things in common (personality, education, views on family, travel, etc., etc.).  This can lead to chemistry that can be sustained or even increase over time; which can be the foundation for a solid relationship.