You've heard the saying "there's no such thing as a bad question"? Well, when it comes to dating - its wrong. Two-way conversation is an important part of a successful date - particularly a first or second date - and asking questions is a big part of that. But not all questions are created equal. In particular, if you're looking for success in dating, AVOID this question at all cost!: "WHY ARE YOU STILL SINGLE?" Here's what makes this question so toxic on a date:
  • It implies there's something wrong with your date (whether that's what you intended to mean or not).
  • It puts your date on the defensive (a terrible way to start a date).
  • Its very hard to answer in a positive way ("Because I've been meeting some real creeps?", etc.)
  • It will likely lead to them asking you the same question - which you'll also find hard to answer in a positive way.
  • Its irrelevant - who cares why they're single? They're here with you now; stop wasting time!
  • It immediately turns a date into an interview - pretty much the worst way to start any date.