When you’re a busy professional, there never seems to be time to focus on your own happiness. Except for now. With more single professionals working from home & living alone, they’re now finding a new narrative that “life is short”. Having been so focused on career - their priorities have shifted - and now more than ever they want to find someone special. The media’s focus may have shifted away from dating, but dating experts say now is the perfect time for love. With less focus on ‘casual hookups’, its a great time to truly connect with relationship ready singles. Even online dating services have seen a surge in traffic & messaging on their apps. Physical distancing doesn't have to mean disconnecting. In fact, dating in quarantine can work to your advantage – single professionals are available, present, and even more focussed on finding someone special at this time. Relationships matter. Now, more than ever. Contact Executive Search Dating and let us help you find your special someone today.