In love (as in life), looks can be deceiving. Sometimes, "perfect couples" don't turn out to be perfect. And other couples - who you never thought would make it - turn into lasting relationships. That's because there's one relationship trait that you think is a BAD sign, but it turns out to be a GOOD sign. What is it? The answer is surprising, but quite simple: Arguing. Why?:  no-one enjoys arguing, that's for sure. But if you're arguing, you're probably still together. And if you keep talking long enough (assuming the arguments don't turn into violence), you're going to eventually work things out. Indeed, the biggest leading indicator that a marriage is about to end is not, in fact, when couples argue. It's when they stop talking. Conclusion:  don't worry so much about arguing (although do try and keep it respectful). When you stop talking, that's when you should start worrying.