In dating, bad advice is worse than no advice at all. Being unprepared for your date is not ideal, but its not the end of the world. Here’s what’s worse: being prepared for your date (with the wrong dating advice). If you want success in dating, you need to balance preparation with being in the moment. Sound difficult? It’s not – just start by ignoring these 5 terrible dating tips:
  1. Numbers game:  some will say meeting your perfect someone is a pure numbers game – the more dates you go on, the better your chances are of meeting that special someone. They’re wrong. The only number that counts is 1 – stay focused on that.
  2. Dream it and they will come:  positive visualization is fine – and if that makes you feel more positive its a good thing. But don’t forget the most important step – take action!
  3. You’ve got to be online:  in today’s world its hard to avoid online dating. But just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean its for you.  If you’re a busy professional who values privacy and screening, then online dating is probably NOT for you. Try another method: hire a matchmaker like Executive Search Dating!
  4. Try everything:  we’re all about trying different dating methods, but that doesn’t mean try all dating methods. There’s a dating method out there that’s right for you – but its not every method. Ask yourself this question: which way of meeting someone new sounds the most fun to me? Step two: do it.
  5. Be the “Mouse Trap” not the “Lion”:  not everyone feels comfortable approaching someone new (especially in Vancouver), we totally get that. But waiting for Mr or Ms Right to come stumbling onto your lap is a terrible strategy. You don’t have to wander the streets approaching people randomly (in fact, please don’t!) – just put a bit more thought into where you go out (ie. places with a more open concept), where you sit (not in a corner), who you go out with (people who are fun & friendly) and how you look (smiling & enjoying yourself). If you’re going with the Mouse Trap Strategy – make it irresistible.