You walk away from a date feeling great - things couldn't have gone better! But when you contact them the next day & suggest a 2nd date, they're not interested. "What happened?!", you ask yourself. When you're on a date, its the questions you're not asked that are the most important. Learn them - and how to overcome them - and you'll rejuvenate your love life:
  1. Why are you still single?:  most singles know this is a lousy question to ask on a date (and if they don't - they should!), so its most often not asked - but that doesn't mean your dates not thinking about it. Don't address it directly - which can sound defensive - do this instead: be positive, fun, funny & amazing on your date.  Make them ask themselves this instead - "How lucky am I that you're still single!"
  2. Are you serious?:  in today's casual dating app world, its easy to assume your date's not seriously looking for a relationship. But if you are, then show it. Be considerate, be totally engaged with your date when you're together, put away your phone! Most importantly, see them again (and again) - it may not lead you immediately to a relationship but it'll become something real, and that's a great start.
  3. Do you care?:  everyone's on their best behavior when you first meet them - so if your date notices some bad tendencies (ie. you argue with the restaurant staff; talk only about yourself; trash talk your exes, etc.), they'll naturally assume things will only get worse over time.  Be kind and friendly to everyone on your date - including the wait staff & that noisy table beside you - if you find this challenging, maybe you need to work on that if you want someone to truly care about you?
  4. Can I trust you?:  the foundation of every successful relationship is trust - and this begins on your very first date. Be on time, make an effort & do everything you can to make your date feel special. Then, be true to your word - if you say you'll call them -  do!