We've talked a lot recently about how you can have success in dating, and find a relationship you'll love. But once you've found someone special, what can you do to ensure your relationship lasts? The answer is 4 surprisingly simple rituals that you should practice every day. Here they are:
  1. Communicate:  there is no more important factor in relationship success than open communication with your partner. Work on this daily, and your chances of long term relationship success will be far greater.
  2. Forgive:  we all make mistakes, so if you're unwilling to accept the mistakes of your partner your relationship is likely doomed from the start. Not all mistakes are created equal, but unless your partner consistently does things to purposefully hurt you, be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and move past it.
  3. Be willing to change:  being in a relationship is quite different than being single - particularly when you're at the stage of moving in together or having children. Be willing to change your routines (mental, physical and emotional) to accommodate your partner, unless you want to go back to being single again.
  4. Create intimacy:  once you're in a relationship, particularly when you're balancing careers, family and kids - its easy to let intimacy slide. Don't. Make an effort to please your partner - in the end, there's nothing more important.