If you're on a date, first impressions matter. But second impressions matter even more. In your perfect dating world, everyone will see you for who you really are - and that's true (eventually). But to make it that far, you need to make a positive impression on your date. How? Here's 5 proven ways:
  1. Too late:  in dating, its often the simplest things that matter. Arriving late to your date may not seem like a big deal to you; buts its probably a big deal to your date. It sends the message that your time is more important than theirs. Stop with the excuses! Show up on time to every date - or better yet, 5 minutes early.
  2. Be excited (or fake it):  you may find it hard to muster any excitement on a first or second date - particularly if you've had a long, hard day;  or your dating life is frustrating, or... (fill in your excuse here).  But here's the thing - if your date senses you're not excited to see them, why on earth should they be excited to see you - let alone consider starting a relationship with you!? Be energetic & excited on your date. If you don't feel that way, fake it.
  3. Positively positive:  griping about your day, your job, your dating life, how you're really feeling, etc, is a perfectly natural thing to do when you're with your friends, family or co-workers. But on a first or second date, its a true chemistry-killer. Keep things positive on your date; there'll be plenty of time in the future to open up about your issues, but a first or second date is not that time.
  4. I hear you:  there is no greater skill you can display on a date than this - be a good listener. Active listening sends your date the message that you care, that you're interested in them & that you're fun to be around. In other words - that you're great relationship material. Did you hear that?
  5. Chivalry is (not) dead:  (Men, this applies mostly to you) did you hear that one about chivalry being dead? Its dead alright - dead wrong. Men and women are equals (of course!), but that doesn't mean you can't display some common courtesies on your date - holding the door, offering your jacket or sweater if your date is cold, walking your date to their car or taxi at the end of your date, etc. If you're treating your date exactly as you treat your friends, expect your date to consider you as 'friend material', and not 'relationship potential'.