If you've been single & dating for a while with little or no success, maybe its time to mix things up? At some point it makes sense to ask yourself, "Maybe its not my dates that are the problem, maybe its something I'm doing on my dates?" Self awareness about your own dating habits can be an extremely useful tool in your search for a relationship partner. Start by avoiding these 7 "chemistry-killing" dating habits:
  1. Don't ever change:  when you're forever changing plans or, worse yet, cancelling last minute, its sends the signal that you're not serious. If you're looking for something casual, that may not be a problem. If you're looking for a relationship, it is.
  2. Late. Not great:  showing up late for your dates sends the message that your time is more valuable than your dates. If you can't make time for them now, they'll probably assume its not worth wasting their time on you in the future.
  3. No effort:  make an effort to look your best on your date - no, a tuxedo or ball gown are not required - but do your best to look your best. Besides increasing the chances for initial chemistry, it also shows you care - a very sexy quality indeed.
  4. Distracted dating:  once you're on your date, do your best to stay focused on the person you're with. Checking out the wait staff or other patrons is a sign of disrespect to the person right in front of you. Tip: your chances of getting somewhere with the person you are seated with is 100x greater than getting somewhere with the restaurant or bar staff.
  5. All about me:  talking about yourself is an important part of a first or second date, but don't spend the entire time doing it. Aim for a 50/50 split between talking and listening on your date.
  6. Checklist dating:  avoid making your date feel like they're being interviewed by asking them questions like 'why are you single?', 'what are you looking for in a partner?', etc. Focus on being positive, fun & funny on your first or second date. Once you've connected there'll be plenty of time for more detailed questions.
  7. Silent treatment:  after your date, make an effort to reach out to the person to thank them. Even better, ask them out again (2nd and 3rd dates are a much better time to really get to know someone). Even if you (or they) don't see a love connection, there's no reason to burn any bridges. Who knows, they may know someone who' perfect for you!