So, you arrive at your date all ready to make a great impression and what happens next? Your date turns out to be a dud. Worse yet, an obnoxious dud. How did this happen? What did you do to deserve this? And, most importantly, what are you supposed to do now? Well the answer isn't obvious - but its easy, and will ensure this experience doesn't derail your love life (or even your evening). Here's the mistake, and the 3-step technique you should use instead: The Wrong Approach: The biggest mistake you can make is letting your dates obnoxious behavior get the better of you - by taking it personally, getting angry, or worse yet getting into a shouting match with them in public. This might feel right at the moment, but will only make things worse. The Right Approach: Step #1:  Take a deep breath. Resist the urge to get into an argument, or to respond immediately to something your date does or says. Step #2:  Give them a second (maybe even a third) chance.  Unless they've done or said something overtly offensive, give them another chance to make amends. Maybe they were just nervous or had a bad day and let that get the better of them. Be patient and understanding - even try and laugh it off - and see if the pattern changes or improves. Try and get the date conversation turned in a more positive direction. Step #3:  If you've completed steps #1 and #2, and your date continues to be obnoxious, it's time to exit stage left. No need to make a scene or hurt anybody's feelings. After some simple small talk, apologize but tell them you need to go as you're meeting some friends a bit later. Thank them, wish them a great night and leave. Don't waste anymore time thinking about it - you've got better dates ahead.