Does social media make dating easier or harder? And, what are the new 'rules' of dating in today's hyper-connected social media world? Here's our take: social media can be a great way to be and feel more connected in the world, but when it comes to meeting someone special, many of the 'classic' rules still apply. Here are our social media dating do's and don'ts: DO: using a variety of methods to communicate with someone you've met is perfectly acceptable in today's world. Although an old fashioned phone call is still a good bet, texting, messaging, or connecting in any way you both feel comfortable with is fine. DON'T: messaging works best with someone you've already met and connected with in person. Avoid endless text or message exchanges with someone until you've met them in person and feel a good connection. Sending too many messages or texts prior to meeting someone can also raise a flag that you may not be 'serious'. DO: stay connected. Connecting with new people is generally a good thing, via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or wherever. Social media may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a fact in today's world. You may not be a big social media user yourself, but don't hold it against someone who is, and vice versa. DON'T: in the world of dating, privacy matters. Unless you've discussed it with your date, resist the urge to post private details of your date on social media. Dating works best when it's one-on-one, and not all things in life need to be shared with the world. DO: take your time. Not everything is today's world needs to happen at the speed of light. Getting to know someone takes time, and happens best when you are meeting and doing things together in the real world. DON'T: mistake Facebook 'friending' for a real world connections. Both have value, but to really connect with someone, and to know if they are right for you romantically, you need to meet and get to know them in person. Putting more focus on real world connections, not just virtual connections, will ultimately increase your chances of finding your special someone.