Some good dates fly by in an instant. Some bad dates seem to go on forever. Do you ever ask yourself why? Because: good dates start well and get better. Bad dates start poorly and get worse. First impressions matter in life, and even more so in dating. But its not just about how you look (although do look your best). If you want success in your love life, do this one thing on every date:
  • Why?:
    1. Having positive energy shows you in your best possible light:  they may not be blown away by your looks, but everyone wants to be around someone who exudes positive energy. It may just be your secret weapon to a 2nd date, and beyond.
    2. Having positive energy makes you feel good, and feeling good is good for you (and especially for your love life):  if you don't believe this, ask yourself this question: how does having low energy make you feel?
    3.  Likes attract likes:  everyone wants to be with someone who makes them feel good, right? So who do you think people with positive energy want to be around? (Hint: its not people with low and/or negative energy)
    4. Take charge of your happiness, and you'll take charge of your love life too:  I get it, sometimes you just don't feel positive (especially if your love life sucks). But here's the thing, if you can't get excited about meeting someone new - stop dating. Take a break and do something that makes you feel good about yourself (and life). Go for a hike, spend time with some fun friends, do a girls/guys road trip. When you're feeling good about life again, go on that date and show it.