We think of the holidays as a time to celebrate, but that’s not always the case for Vancouver singles. The festive holiday cheer can be replaced by the fear of spending the holidays alone, and confronting the most dreaded of all questions from your family: ‘Why are you still single?” But here's the good news... the holidays can be a GREAT time to meet some new people. Here are 5 proven ways to put some more 'Merry' into your 'Merry Christmas' this year: 1. ‘Tis the season to party: the holidays are peak party season, so what better time to meet someone new - and everyone’s in their best holiday mood. Go to every holiday party you're invited to, and tag along to a friend's party too. 2. Do the office party circuit: getting carried away at your own office party can be a career killing move; but tag along to a friend’s office party and meet some fellow professionals without any of the awkwardness of dancing with your boss. 3. The gift that keeps on giving: the holidays come equipped with the year’s best approach line: ‘Merry Christmas’. Use it early and often at a party and you’ll find your Christmas social life heating up quickly. 4. Host a tree decorating party: invite some friends and their single friends to bring a tree ornament to your place in exchange for some eggnog and Christmas cheer – as a bonus, you’ll end up with the prettiest Christmas tree on the block. 5. Meet in December, date in January: the holidays are a great time to meet some new people, but January is a better time to date. This way you’ll avoid the stress of having to introduce them at your family parties, and you’ll have at least one thing to look forward to in January!