Relationships are like snowflakes: every one is different. That means you too. But here's the catch: successful couples almost ALWAYS share two key skills. Learn them, and your chances of finding (and keeping) your special someone will increase dramatically. Here's the 2 key skills, and how you can master them:
  1. Communication matters:  when it comes to communication, you should try to avoid phrases like “You always” or, “You never”, as these can be hurtful. Instead, voice your concerns mindfully by using statements like “I feel disrespected when.” This way, your partner won’t become defensive and feel completely to blame.
  2. Know your partner, really:  knowing the person you’re in a relationship with goes beyond the obvious. It’s not always about remembering things like their favorite film but instead, a knowledge of what makes them feel loved.
    • This is why communicating is so important because, once you understand the other person’s love language you can make them feel more content in your relationship. Whether it’s verbally saying, “I love you”, or giving them your undivided attention, an awareness of what your partner needs to feel loved is key.
    • Added bonus!: there are other important relationship skills too (life skills, self-management, sex, stress-management and conflict resolution), but by mastering these two specifically, the rest of the skills will improve as a result.