You're single & you want to meet "The One" in 2019. But what to do if your dating life is going nowhere? Well maybe Mr/Ms Right is out there waiting for you, you just need to change your dating approach. Stop expecting to "fall in love" at first sight - it puts too much pressure on you & your date. Try this instead: "fall in like" with your date first. How? Start by asking yourself these 5 questions:
  • Do I like this person?
  • Would it be worth adding this person to my friend group?
  • Do I want to see this person again?
  • If I don't find this person attractive, do I have a friend who might find them attractive?
  • Is this a person who I have something in common with?
Why? At some level, meeting your special someone involves expanding your social circle. Expecting your date to be "The One" is not only limiting yourself, it also means you're unlikely to go on many second or third dates, and much more likely to become frustrated with dating. Worse yet, as you become more frustrated with dating, it'll start negatively affecting your dates - even dates where there is real long term romantic potential. This is "the dating vicious cycle". So stop looking for "The One" on every date, and you just might meet them sooner than you think.