Everybody knows that first impressions matter. But it gets worse: in dating, a bad 'first date' impression may also be your last. No, relationship ready singles don't decide to marry someone on a first date, but they may decide whether they want to see someone a second time. So, yes, first impressions DO matter in dating. And here's the good news; making a good first impression on a date is not rocket science, just some good old fashioned common sense.  Here's the 'secret': Be PRESENT and POSITIVE on your date. Here's the hows and whys:
  • Being PRESENT means being focused on your date: arrive on time, put your smart-phone away, make eye contact and  be interested and interesting on your date. Make your date feel that he/she is important and they'll likely reciprocate.
  • Why be PRESENT?: being present is ultimately being respectful of the person you are with; and when someone feels respected your chances of getting a second date increase, even if your date isn't initially 'attracted' to you.
  • Being POSITIVE means having fun on your date: smile and be relaxed (it shouldn't feel like an interview; more like a meeting with a potential friend); share some light hearted and funny stories; come prepared with a few easy to answer questions (ie. 'what fun things did you do over the summer?'; 'what do you love doing the most in Vancouver?'; 'what are your plans for the weekend?', etc.).
  • Why be POSITIVE?: being positive and having fun on your date is the best way to ensure that your date has fun too. If you are both having fun, the chances of making it to a second date increase, even if your date isn't initially 'attracted' to you.