So, you're ready for a relationship but tired of "dating" - what now? You'd be surprised to learn that in today's "online dating app" world, dating fatigue is at an all time high. In today's world, more than ever, the key is to date less, but better. Here's how:
  1. Break free:  If you've been trying the same ole dating methods for a while, with little or no success - its time to try something new. Visit some new neighborhoods, join some activity clubs, take some salsa classes, hire a Matchmaker! Albert Einstein said it best: the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.
  2. Be ready, really ready:  its sometimes easy to start dating with the hope that the right person will simply appear. Truth is, likes attract likes - if you're looking to meet someone who's "relationship material", your chances will be far higher if you're truly relationship ready yourself.
  3. Look beyond the superficial:  looks matter, who are we kidding. But your perfect match may not be the most superficially attractive person you meet, so if that's all you're focused on you may miss your mark. In fact, Matchmakers will tell you to proceed with caution when you've met someone you're REALLY attracted to as you may be blind to the really important relationship criteria they're lacking. Adopt a '2nd-date mindset' - unless you've met someone that you have absolutely zero interest in (or vice-versa), commit to seeing them a second or a third time. Relationships, like all good things in life, take time, patience & follow through.