In dating and in life, preparation works. When you're prepared, you'll find conversation flows on your date. On the other hand, having awkward silences, or getting into an argument on a first meeting may ruin your chances of getting to a second date, even if the person you're with is a great fit for you. Knowing which first date conversation topics to focus on, and which to avoid, may well turn an average first date into an amazing second or third date. Here's how: BEST:
  1. Common interests: talking about things that connect you is always the best best. If you both love skiing, tell some fun stories from past ski trips, or ask your date why they love it so much.
  2. Travel stories: most people like travel, and many would like to do more of it. Talk about a recent trip you've taken, or a place you've always wanted to go to. Bonus points if the place you've always wanted to go to is a place your date has already been or wants to go to!
  3. What's your passion: one of the best ways to really get to know someone, and to see if you might be a match is to uncover their passions. Also, no matter how nervous someone might be, you'll likely see more of their true self when they're talking about something they love.
  4. Music & movies: most people like music or movies or both, so ask someone what they like and talk about your favorites. Be sure that you're also telling things about yourself so the date doesn't begin to feel like an interview.
  5. Be in the moment: there's a fine line between coming prepared with some fun topics to discuss on your date, and being overly 'scripted'. The important thing is to listen to your date and move the conversation in directions that interest them and you. If your date tells you that they're not a movie person, asking them what their top 3 movies are sends the message that you're not really listening to them.
  1. Dating horror stories: no matter how funny you think your dating horror stories may be, your date will likely take it as a sign that they may be featured in one of your future stories to your next date. Avoid this at all cost.
  2. Past relationships: there is no reason or benefit to talking about past relationships on a first date, nor is it a question that you should ask your date.
  3. How stressed and/or overly busy you are: be positive and fun on your first date and you'll likely end up on a second date before too long, which will make your life less stressful.
  4. How much you hate your job: everyone has bad days, but no matter how bad your day at work was, avoid focusing on this during your date.
  5. Complaining about Vancouver men or women: no matter how justified you feel you are to complain about your plight as a Vancouver single, remember one thing: your date is a Vancouver man or woman. Enough said.