Holiday gift giving can be stressful at the best of times, but what if you're single or, better yet, if you've started dating someone new? To gift or not to gift, that is the question... The secret is finding the right balance: a thoughtful gesture or gift can let someone know you care, but overdoing it can be a turn-off. Here's the do's and don'ts of singles gifting, whatever situation you may find yourself in: If you're single and still looking - give yourself a gift!:
  • BEST:  
  • spa treatment,
  • a ski day,
  • a gym membership,
  • a new love life (ie. hire a professional matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating, or attend a singles-only event)!
  • WORST:  
  • nothing - even if it's just having a night out with friends (single or otherwise), avoid sitting home alone feeling sorry for yourself.
If you've started dating someone new:
  • BEST:
  • keep it classic: flowers, chocolates, a thoughtful, hand written card.
  • tickets to a holiday movie or event that you'll both enjoy together.
  • holiday at home: buy a tree and some decorations, add mulled wine, and spend a romantic evening of tree decorating and cuddling at home.
  • WORST:
  • holiday for two to Europe (or some other expensive gift):  if you've just started seeing someone, no matter how excited you are, err on the side of simple gifts to start... there'll be plenty of time for more elaborate plans after you've spent some more time together.
  • edible underwear:  you may find it funny, your date will likely not.  In fact, you may end up spending your holidays alone with this gift.