Finding the perfect gift for your perfect someone? Priceless. Picking the wrong gift? Pointless. If you've met someone new over the holidays, a thoughtful gift can be the right touch. But overdoing it can be worse than doing nothing at all. Here's some holiday gift ideas that'll make the right impression, and a few to avoid at all costs! BEST:
  • Keep it classic:  flowers or chocolates and a hand written card are classics for a reason - they never go out of style.
  • Concert tickets for a band you both like.
  • Movie tickets.
  • A ski pass (for him).
  • A spa package (for her).
  • Craft beer (for him).
  • A nice wine (for him or her).
  • The 'Over-Gift':  avoid overly expense gifts - an expensive overseas trip, pricey jewelry, etc. - especially if you've just started seeing each other. There'll be a time for extravagance, but your first Christmas is probably not that time.
  • Crude gifts:  that cheesy gift that makes you laugh (think 'edible underwear' or an anatomically correct reindeer), may not have the same effect on your partner - or their family and friends (who they have to explain it to). Your gift says something about you; be sure its not saying you're rude.
  • Nothing:  even if it’s just having a night out over dinner,  or drinks at your local pub, make an effort to do something together. You'll be surprised how different (better) the holidays are when you're with someone special.