Being yourself is important. But if you want a successful long-term relationship, there are two qualities that are even MORE important: being an open communicator with your partner, and being open to change. In a recent study, scientists surveyed over 5,500 singles and revealed their list of the top "relationship dealbreakers". Here's the top 11 - work on avoiding or improving as many of these as possible, and you can INCREASE your chances of a lasting relationship (Source: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin):
  1. Disheveled (unclean appearance).
  2. Lazy.
  3. Too needy.
  4. Lacks sense of humor.
  5. Lived more than 3 hours away from me.
  6. Bad sex.
  7. Lacks self-confidence.
  8. Too much TV/video games.
  9. Low sex drive.
  10. Stubborn.
  11. Talks too much.