So you've met someone special. Now comes the hard part? Not exactly. Creating a successful relationship isn't easy, but that doesn't mean its complicated either. The key to successful relationships comes down to two powerful behaviors: learn them, practice them & don't ever forget them - and your single days will be long gone before you know it:
  • Empathy:  at the core of truly connecting with someone is to understand where they're coming from. Its so powerful in fact, that even if you don't - saying that you do can help. Communication is the key to any successful relationship - and empathy  is an essential starting point.
  • Understanding:  talk is cheap. It really is. Saying you understand where someone's coming from can help in the short term. But if you're looking for a lasting (life-long) relationship - short term fixes aren't the answer. The key to true understanding lies here: be the change you want in your relationship:
    • "It's so easy to focus on what's missing in the other person. It's so easy to go critical. It's so easy to think that if you were different, my life would be better, rather than sometimes to switch it around and think if I was different, my life would be better. And maybe if I was different with you, you would be different with me."