Sometimes, it feels as though your dating life is going well - you're going on dates and having fun. Then, one day, you wake up alone and ask yourself "Why are all my dates leading nowhere?" Well maybe (just maybe) your dates ARE going well, but you're screwing up the most important part - at the end of your date. Here's the mistake - AND how to fix it (and your love life in the process!):
  • The Mistake:  not making arrangements to see your date again (or saying you'll contact them to arrange another date but never doing it).
  • The Fix:
    • at the end of every first date, ask for a second date.  Don't think about it / worry about it / stress about it / or anything else - just do it.
    • change your dating default setting FROM: "I'll only see them again if the date is fantastic" TO: "I'll see them again, unless the date is a complete disaster."
    • even if the first date goes poorly, ask for a second date anyway. Why?
      • because not everyone is the best version of themselves on a first date;
      • because even if there's no 'spark' on the first date, you may develop a spark the next time, or a friendship - which is great too;
      • by treating all of your dates with respect (not just the ones you're REALLY into), they're much more likely to introduce you to their friend - who just might be your perfect match!
  • Success in dating - and in life - isn't rocket science. Its following up & following through.