Body language speaks louder than words, particularly when you're on a first or second date. In fact, before you even realize it's happening, your date may already have formed an opinion about you that can be hard to change.
This seems unfair, right? In a way, yes. On the other hand, practicing GOOD body language can have the opposite effect - leading you to dating success even if you're a bundle of nerves inside. Here are 3 body language mistakes you should avoid at all costs:
  1. The not-so-secret weapon:  your smile can be one of two things on a date - when used early and often, it can be the gesture that relaxes you & your date, and almost inevitably leads to a successful date; or if you choose to replace it with a frown, it can lead to an awkward, dull or even excruciating date that goes nowhere. Now that you know the power of a smile vs. a frown, you can choose which dating outcome you prefer.
  2. Wandering eyes:  not making eye contact with your date usually sends one of two messages - either you're not interested in them; or you lack self-confidence - neither of which is great. Make an effort to engage with your date, and making eye contact is an important first step.
  3. Crossed out:  when you cross your arms, you send  your date a subtle message that you're not open or, worse yet, not friendly. Aim for an open body stance on your date, and a more open conversation and successful date will soon follow.