Dating can and should be fun. Although many people claim: ‘I don’t like dating’, this often means: ‘I don’t like going on bad dates’, which are a waste of both parties time and energy. Good dates, on the other hand, can be fun. When you are with someone interesting and engaging, with whom you laugh easily and share many experiences, and with whom you have chemistry, there are few things which can be as enjoyable. By increasing the number of positive dating experiences, you are dramatically increasing your chances of finding that special someone. Some tips when on a date:
  1. Be on time. By not respecting other people’s time, you are sending a clear message that your time is more important than theirs. NOT a good way to start a date!
  2. Be yourself. By showing your true self, you will increase the chances of connecting with someone who is right for you.
  3. Be a good listener. Listening shows that you are interested and makes for a good two way conversation and a more enjoyable date for both parties.
  4. Dress nicely. This shows respect and makes you a more attractive and confident date. Ask ESD about our in house image consultations.
  5. If your date has been arranged through a dating service, it is considered rude to ask why someone has joined a dating service. They are obviously interested in meeting interesting and charming singles, just like you.
  6. Keep the first date rather casual and (relatively) brief. Lunch, coffee or an after work drink usually work well. This takes the pressure off both parties and makes for a more enjoyable date. There will be plenty of time for 2nd and 3rd dates if you both click.
  7. Be present and focused on your date. Answering your cell phone, or thinking of your meeting the next day, will make you seem a distracted and less interesting date.
  8. If you are meeting for lunch or a drink, don’t eat or drink excessively. A light lunch or a drink or two on the first date is appropriate.
  9. Most importantly… HAVE FUN! Dating shouldn’t feel like an interview, nor should marriage potential or starting a family be central themes in the first date. By enjoying yourself on your date, you are greatly increasing your attractiveness, and the chances that your dating partner will enjoy themselves as well…