It's Vancouver's biggest dating rumour: Vancouver singles don't like being approached. Don't even bother. And like all rumours it must be 100% true. Or is it? If you've ever wondered why it's hard to meet new people in Vancouver, then this fact (rumour) may explain why. If no-one's approaching anyone, then how are singles supposed to meet someone new? But here's the shocking truth: its not true. Here's why, and how:
  1. The missing link: the rumour is partially true - Vancouver singles (particularly men) don't like approaching someone new. But here's what they're missing: just because no-one's approaching each other doesn't mean people don't like being approached. Try this - next time you are out socially, come up to someone new and introduce yourself in a natural and friendly way. You'll be surprised to find a warm welcome.
  2. Beware 'The Vicious Cycle': it's the classic Vancouver dating dilemma - everyone's so convinced that you can't meet someone new in the city, that people aren't making the effort to approach and meet new people, which makes the problem worse, and in fact creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. Do yourself (and your dating life) a favour: next time you go out, leave the rumours at home and say 'hi' to some new people.
  3. Behold 'The Virtuous Cycle': success in dating (and life) comes to those who are proactive. Try this: be positive, practice saying 'hi' to new people (not just single people), next time you're out introduce yourself to someone new, which will make you feel more self-confident and in control of your single life, which is an attractive quality that helps your dating life.
  4. Here's what you have to lose: your single life.