In the world of Vancouver dating, there is one question more intriguing than virtually any other: what do Vancouver men really want? In fact, unlocking this riddle just may be the key to solving Vancouver's 'dating dilemma' - and the answer may surprise you:
  1. Be together: no-one's perfect, and men know that as much as anyone. But a woman who is in charge of her life and issues, and projects a positive attitude on life and love is a quality that's particularly attractive to relationship-minded men.
  2. Be genuine: for some reason, Vancouver has the reputation as a city built on pretense. However, for men looking to find their special someone, nothing could be farther from the truth. Men (and women too) are attracted to someone who despite their flaws is generally open, down-to-earth and happy with who they are.
  3. Be interested: relationship minded men truly want to feel that a woman is having an enjoyable time on their date. When a woman seems distracted, aloof or simply not interested on a date, it can be a real turn off. Instead of increasing a man's interest in the woman, it can lead to a short, boring and unsuccessful dating experience. Always remember, even if that particular man is not for you, he may know someone who is - so making a good impression is always the best policy.
  4. Be relationship potential: a woman who is fun and can have a good time in social settings is generally a positive for most men. But if you're a woman looking for relationship-minded men, avoid partying and drinking to excess in a dating situation. Although that may be an attractive quality for someone just looking for a good time; it's not necessarily what a man is looking for in a long term relationship partner.