A lot has been made of a recent survey that said Vancouver women are the 'Pickiest' daters in Canada. Which leads us to the following questions:
  • What do Vancouver women really want?
  • Are they REALLY being too picky?
  • Do Vancouver men make the grade?
The answers may surprise you:
  • Normal is the "New Normal": in the world of dating, 'normal' isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, having a decent job, being kind and nice to others, and being interested and interesting are all 'normal' qualities that Vancouver women and men value.
  • Having your life together: in spite of what you've heard, its rare that Vancouver women judge someone based solely on their income level. But meeting someone that is in control of their personal financial situation is (and should be) an important quality when deciding on a long term relationship partner. Particularly if you might want to have a family some day. If your own finances aren't in order, spend more time tying to get them in order, and less time complaining about how you are being judged for it.
  • Be a 'Take Charge' man: in today's world, men and women are equals, and that's a good thing. But when it comes to dating, particularly meeting someone new, most women still expect the man to make the first step. Note to men: 'you may not like this fact, but consider the alternative - if women were expected to make the first move, and men had to sit back and wait to be chosen, do you really think that would make your dating life better?'
  • Be 'Relationship Potential': making an effort to look your best and be an interesting conversationalist will definitely not hurt your dating life, and will almost certainly help it. But for high quality, 'relationship minded' women, showing that you are also relationship minded is even more important. Focus on your date and what she has to say. Avoid checking out the wait staff or constantly checking your phone for messages, and forever changing plans last minute.
  • One person's 'picky' is another person's 'selective': dating (particularly in the online dating world) can sometimes feel like a pure numbers game. When there's a lack of  screening or honesty, dating can indeed begin to feel like a chore. Our advice: be open minded, but ultimately do be selective. You will get better results from dating one or two compatible matches a month rather than five non-compatible matches. If you're too busy to find compatible matches yourself, call a professional matchmaking service such as Executive Search Dating:

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