When you’re on a date with someone new, its the words that are left unsaid that matter the most. First or second dates can be tricky – sometimes you do “everything” right, but the date falls flat. Other times, you make every dating mistake in the book & end up truly connecting with someone. So what gives? Well, maybe its not so much what you did or said – its what your date decided on their own. Here’s 4 things your date is thinking, and what you can do about it:
  1. Are you for real?:  in today’s dating-app world, everyone wants to know if they’re with someone genuine – particularly if they’re serious about meeting someone special. Show that you are by being true to your word – show up on time; be present on your date; be fun & friendly, and ask for a second date (whether you think the date went well or not). Second (or third) dates are a much better time to decide if someone’s right for you – after all, not everyone’s the best version of themselves on a first date.
  2. Kindness matters:  nothing sends a stronger signal about who you really are than how you treat others – restaurant staff, people around you, the taxi driver – even if you treat your date with the utmost respect, when you’re rude to others it makes them think you’re not showing your true self.
  3. Relationship potential:  if you’re looking for something serious, start by being serious. This starts with having your life together – no, you don’t have to be rich – but act and sound like you have a life plan (a decent job you’re positive about; interesting plans for the near future and beyond, etc.). Most relationship-minded singles aren’t looking to be taken care of, but they’re not too keen on taking care of someone either.
  4. Glass half full:  relationships are full of ups and downs – and nobody expects the future to be bright & clear all the time. But when you’re looking for that special someone,  you want someone who’s positive. Someone who’s optimistic about the future & happy with who they are & who makes you smile. There’ll be a time for realism & showing each other who you truly are deep down on the inside – but a first or second date is probably not that time.