Dating - like life - is an expectations game. When you're expecting something incredible, life usually disappoints (how could it not?). But when you keep your expectations in check - you're often surprised to the upside. Matchmakers will also tell you this: when you first meet someone and have "incredible" chemistry, you often overlook the fact that you don't really have that much else in common. So forget about "love at first sight" - here's 5 ways your "okay" first date will lead you to (true) Love:
  1. Focus on what matters:  when you're not overly focused on someone's looks, you tend to get to know them better. Physical chemistry - no matter how strong - can fade over time. Its the stuff below the surface that truly matters.
  2. What grows slowly stays forever:  chemistry's important when you meet someone new (who are we kidding), but it doesn't have to be overwhelming - even a little bit will do. Once you get to know each other, that chemistry  can grow over time - and that's the chemistry that can last a lifetime.
  3. Swipe the slate clean:  in today's dating app obsessed world, its easy to think you'll know the right person for you right away - just 'swipe right' and let the dating universe handle the rest, right? Wrong!  Some things in life - especially relationships - take time to develop. Put your phone down.
  4. Friends (with benefits):  have you ever met someone great but then thought "I think we might be better as friends."  Here's the thing: at the core of every successful relationship is a great friendship. Yes, you do need some chemistry for sure - but just a little at the start is okay. Stop getting in your own way and see them again!
  5. What's the worst that can happen?:  so you've had an 'okay' date, but instead of ruling them out entirely, you decide to see them again (and again). Here's what might happen next: you get to know each other better & chemistry grows; or, you decide that you're better as friends and become friends.  Sounds like two pretty good outcomes to me!?