Dating, when done correctly, is THE best way to find a truly compatible relationship partner.  One of the challenges of traditional dating (i.e. meeting people in bars or online), however, is the lack of any method to ‘pre-screen’ your potential matches for basic compatibility BEFORE you meet them.  Executive Search Dating has the most thorough SCREENING process of any dating option in Vancouver.  Here are a few ways in which pre-screening your matches helps you get better results from your dating life:
  1.  Compatible = Enjoyable: when you meet someone who has your basic criteria, your dates are more fun.  When you are enjoying your dates, you typically get better results.
  2. Quality vs. quantity: without pre-screening, singles often have to go on many dates just to find one reasonably compatible match.  This can lead to ‘dating burnout’.
  3. Single and available?: one of the most important, and basic, elements of a successful connection is whether the other person is truly single and available.
  4. Long term vs. short term: if you are looking for a long term relationship partner, meeting someone who is looking for the same thing can be a powerful connection.