Vancouver, like most great cities in the world, is as multicultural as they come. But what does this actually mean for YOUR love life? It actually means less than you think - in both a good & bad way. Here's what it means for you:
  1. The superficial:  the most immediate impact of dating outside your own culture are the obvious things - different mannerisms, accents, food preferences, tastes. Fortunately, rarely are any of these things central to long term relationship success.
  2. The essential:  the things that truly connect you with someone are often not easily seen on the surface - personality, intelligence, sense of humor, family values, sense of adventure, openness to change. Focus more on these elements, and less on the superficial differences, and you may discover you're more alike than you ever imagined.
  3. Free your mind and the rest will follow:  its natural to have dating criteria - and there's certainly nothing wrong with wanting to date someone with a similar background. Having said that, if you live in Vancouver, being open to meeting people from different backgrounds can have a 'multiplier' effect: an expanded dating pool, more connections (love & friendship), a greater awareness of the world outside your doorstep and, ultimately, an increased chance of finding your special someone.
  4. Communication trumps language:  a language barrier doesn't have to be a deal-breaker if you don't make it one. Communication can happen at multiple levels - verbal and non-verbal. Finding an open communication style that works for both of you is key - in fact, this will likely determine whether you make it as a couple long-term or not.