In dating, you can be good or you can be lucky. Your best bet? Be both. But you can't just make luck happen in your love life, right? Actually, yes you can. Luck most often comes to those who put themselves out there - in the right way. Here's some simple ways to transform your dating life & make you lucky in love:
  1. Be the fisherman and the fish:  being proactive is the single most important factor in dating success.  Don't sit back and expect good things to happen - get out of your comfort zone & try as many new dating methods as you can.
  2. Change your mindset:  look at dating as just another way to meet new people outside of your normal friends circle - not a 'search for a dream life-partner'. It'll make you more relaxed on your dates and increase your chances of making a good first (and second) impression with someone new.
  3. Stay positive:  dating luck happens when you're busy enjoying yourself & meeting new people (see point #2 above). If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's okay to take some time off from dating - but Prince or Princess Charming is unlikely to find you when you're alone on your sofa watching Netflix.
  4. Profiles (and photos) aren't people:  the first step in creating 'dating luck' and success is this - stop judging people by what's on the outside, and start judging them by what's on the inside. If you've been using online dating apps for a while, you've probably realized that photos don't tell you if someone's a good match for you. Put your smartphone down and start meeting people in person. You have nothing to lose but your single life.
  5. Make your own luck:  if you're too busy to date, or would rather meet matches that have been 'pre-screened' for you - hire a professional matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating. We'll make dating easy so you can focus on meeting compatible matches. Give us a call today at 604-714-0221 and we'll get you out meeting quality singles right away!